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How Does it Improve Your English Vocabulary?

You can create your vocabulary

know and do not know (want to learn) you can create your English vocabulary with words. we do not know (want to learn) is available instantly to the word or words you want to learn the source (readings, songs, quizzes, etc.). much faster than can be analyzed.

You can study with many original word resources

You can improve your English vocabulary by means of Reading Texts, Movies, Songs, Popular Word Lists, and Exams. Once you have started to build your Vocabulary, you can automatically display the words you know or you don't know in a word source. So that, you can focus only on the words you don't know.

Click on the words and instantly learn their definitions

For example, click this word: sample. While reading a text, listening to a song or watching a movie scene in WordTaboo; you can click on the words you don't know and display their definitions on the bottom of the page, you can also access their definitions in English if you wish to.

You can instantly view the significance level of a word

most commonly used in English 100,000 (100 thousand) in proportion to the frequency of word usage were scored between 0:00 to 10:00. so that it is more important to find out which word is easily understood. the most widely used 10,000 (10 thousand) words have a degree from 9:00 to 10:00. For example, sample this value 8,94 8,94 kind words.

You can instantly access the sample uses of the word

for example, sample number 8,94 8,94 for word in English which rank by clicking the wordtaboo used and how it is used in other source from which you can easily see.

You can create your own word list

The words you come across can be collected in a word list. Students preparing for exams can collect the words related to their exams under a list, learn them by learning methods or download them with their definitions as an Excel file.

You can download the words in Excel format

If you want graphical view of a word resource to be placed in this section, click the word resource and then click the "add graphic" button, which is shown below, on the right top area.

You can analyze pdf and txt files

Thanks to the file analysis feature, you can analyze all of the words in pdf and txt files and extract the words you do or do not know. You can learn these words by learning methods or download in Excel format.

You can learn words quickly by learning modules

You can speed up your word learning process by most common word learning methods like word cards, word test and also by word learning modules special to WordTaboo like listen and write, word cloud, movie scenes, sample sentences . We think it is particularly important for adopting a habit of listening to the word pronunciations between words.

Other Features

WordTaboo system includes many more features to discover as you use, in addition to those mentioned. For instance, you can instantly find out the ratio of the words you know from 10000 most common words in English, observe your progress by word progress graphic, and resume your study in the learning modules by creating study records.

Learn Words with Songs!

With the following system, learn the words in song lyrics by viewing and following them line by line

Click on the words you don't know in the song and instantly learn their definitions in the bottom bar

List all words of the song lyrics with their definitions and learn them by learning methods

Learn how the words in the lyrics are used in the movies

Learn Words with Movies!

Learn words by watching movies in scenes

Click on the words you don't know in the movie and instantly learn their definitions in the bottom bar

List all words of the movie with their definitions and learn them by learning methods

User comments

I discovered as a result of my many research I have done wordtaboo is the most comprehensive English vocabulary learning site that I found on the internet, especially I would recommend lyrics follow that I use now and in the future my students considered to thank you for a very nice application contributors.

GÜLSÜM ÖZDEMİR Mastering in Teaching English

I felt really improved my vocabulary with wordtaboo. I do not know my vocabulary words with movie scenes to see that both auditory and visual how to use I think is a revolution in its field, we can provide this opportunity to thank all the employees wordtaboo.


Premium Features

Premium Feature Free Usage Premium Use
Total Number of Words in Vocabulary 500 Word 50000 Word
Number of Word Lists 2 List 40 List
Number of File Analysis 2 File 20 File
Downloading Excel Word List
Word Source Graphic Track 1 Graphic Display 12 Graphic Display
Word Definition Display Displaying 20 word definitions per day Unlimited word definition display
Watching Movie Scenes Watching 20 movie scenes per day Unlimited movie scene watching
Vocabulary Analysis on the source selected with a maximum of 1000 words All the words in the source selected with the

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